Here we are. I can’t believe it is real. Am I writing in English? This will be a short text about me, I know that the ultimate blogging guide explains that “it isn’t about me” but about you, reader. Sorry, but this must be about me.

I totally wrote for my entire life. I totally wrote in Italian my entire life (and I’m 38 years old, so it is a lot). But at a certain point, I stopped writing. Why? I do not have an answer but from my résumé, it is more than clear and I barely realized it. The next interview I’ll go to and the next question the head hunter will ask about I am able to create content, the answer will be SallysTown: my first domain, my first blog opened up on 2005-11-04 at 17:12:07, 14 years ago.

Am I able to create content? Yes, I do. Why? Because I did it almost my entire life. I was born writing and I’ll not stop again. ‘Cause I love writing. This website will be about giving you something interesting to read, I hope. I promise.

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