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The end of the F***ing world


British series on Netflix is the best. You should try The end of the f***ing world and then came back here and tell me that you disagree with me. Maybe ’cause I like weirdo, maybe ’cause I feel weird sometimes, but as you already read here, it is not about me.

The end of the f***ing world is about Alyssa and Jack, two teenagers with bad events behind their shoulders. They can’t choose their past and their past seems to be the envelope of their present life.

The following words can be a spoiler if you haven’t seen the series already. So please leave, login into Netflix and see it NOW! You’ll love it and come back with a big thank you for me 🙂

If you already saw it please stay and share your feelings leaving comments below.

How can you only think to survive to a mother that pushed herself into a lake with all the car killing herself and making her only son watching it? How can’t I mention the instant death of a father during a bowling match? Jack is alone in this f***ing world.

How can you live with a mother that isn’t able to love herself and marry a man that did not love her daughter? When finally she decided to leave her husband she also decided to start a relationship with a woman. I’m not telling that is wrong, I’m telling that this behavior can feel a little of instability into the house. Or maybe after two relationships with two bad man the relation with a woman can be the only stable choice that she could do. Alyssa was not alone as Jack but for the most part of her life, she was.

All the cruelty they received in their life they give back to the world and give back one to the other. As the same as love. They are incapable of love only, they love and hate the same. I haven’t seen the last episode of the series actually so I’ll write about them again, and hope soon. I saw the last episode. I liked as the writer decided to finish up. The winner is LOVE. Are Alyssa and Jack capable of loving each other? Maybe the answer is yes. Maybe together they will be strong and happy and they’ll forget all the bad that the world gave to them in the past.

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